Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania
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Kagera is blessed in its location, bordering Rwanda, Uganda and Burundi. Try to avoid Burundi as its political situation remains highly unstable and unsafe. Rwanda and Uganda are both beautiful and relatively easy to get to from Kagera.

From Bukoba you can get to Kampala, Uganda, in about 6-8 hours. (Exchange rate approximately 1,000/= Tsh to 1,600 Ush). The visa is $30 for a month or if you are leaving Uganda through a different border under 7 days only $15. Kampala is a favorite getaway place for people in Kagera, a great place to shop, hang out at the mall, go to the cinema, visit the Belgian butcher/deli, go clubbing and have a good meal. It is also easy to fly from Entebbe to Europe (with BA, Emirates and SN Brussels).