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Minibus (dala dala) Bukoba
When travelling in Kagera, Bukoba is the hub of all public transport. Dala Dalas are minibuses that form the core of this basic network. They leave when full and sometimes can get a lot of people inside. Unless you have access to a car or a lift, you will need them.

Dala dala (minibus)Minibus (dala dala) to/From Muleba, Rubya and Nshamba
Dala dalas run frequently from Bukoba to Muleba (Tsh 2000), where you can change dala dala and travel on to Nshamba (Tsh 500), and Rubya (Tsh 1000). There is one dala that runs from Bukoba - Muleba - Nshamba - Rubya (Tsh 3000) everyday, leaving Wamata in Rubya at 6 am, leaving Bukoba around 11 am. Muleba to Biharamulo is Tsh 2,500.

The official dala dala station in Muleba is next to the only petrol station ("filling station") or the Big Tree, because the dalas tend to drive in circles looking for passengers. In Rubya wait for dalas at the hospital, outside the post office or in Nyakalembe. In Nshamba wait at the cross roads in the centre of the town. The Double Action bus runs Bukoba - Kamachumu - Nshamba every day. There are also 4 or 5 dala dalas a day that run from Bukoba to Kamachumu and Ndolage. Wait for dala outside the hospital gates at Ndolage or at the cross roads in Kamachumu (Tsh 2.000).

Minibus (dala dala) to/from Karagwe
Buses to Bukoba from Karagwe, every day except Sunday. Dala dalas run frequently between Bukoba and Karagwe: Tsh 3,000/=. From Karagwe and Omurushaka dala dalas go to various destinations, no fixed fare. Buses from Bukoba: takes 3 hours, Tsh 2.500, 4 times a day. Every day except Sunday.

Taxis can be found in Bukoba at the market, near the bus stand and at the port. Short journeys in Bukoba are at least 1,000/= and the same price regardless of the number of passengers.

Bicycle boys taxiBicycle taxi
Bicycle taxis can be found around the market in Bukoba and in the centre of Muleba. They are widely used for short journeys, which are as cheap as TSH 200/=.

Motorbike taxi (pikipiki)
Cheaper (tsh 500) than a normal taxi but you potentially dangerous if you don't wear a helmet.

Personal cars
There are petrol stations in Bukoba, Muleba, Nshamba, Kamachumu, Kemondo bay and Kayanga. Petrol and diesel is around 1,200/= a litre.

Rent a car
You can rent a car at the Tourist Centre Bukoba, Kiroyera Tours or at Walkgard Hotel and Tours.