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Travel to / from Kagera

If you are coming to Kagera, you can travel in a variety of ways. Here are most common ways:

By Air
Visitors to Kagera region can travel through Entebbe airport (EBB) in Uganda (with BA, Emirates KLM and SN Brussels). From Entebbe Airport one has to travel to Kampala, where you can get a bus to Bukoba (takes about 5-6 hours). Dolphin Bus Company has a bus to Bukoba every day (Tsh 10.000). Kiroyera Tours can arrange a private transport between Entebbe and Bukoba.

You can also travel trough Dar es Salaam, Kilimanjaro, Zanzibar or Nairobi. Fly to Mwanza with Precision Air and then get a connecting flight to Bukoba. From Dar es Salaam there are 4 flights everyday to and from Mwanza. Bukoba airport is on Aerodrome Road near the lake.

Precision AirThe Precision Air office is near the bus stand in Bukoba. Always confirm your flights two days before you fly.

Precision air agent office in Bukoba:
Att: Ms. Rose Kajilita,
Tel: +255 28 2220545
E-mail: bkmachinery@twiga.com

Precision air office in Dar es Salaam:
Tel: +255 22 2130800
Fax: +255 22 2113036
E-mail: information@precisionairtz.com
Website: www.precisionairtz.com

You can also book your flights with Kiroyera Tours.

By Boat

Night Ferry
The ferry leaves Bukoba on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays at 9.30 pm (after the horn sounds twice) and arrives in Mwanza the next morning around 8 am.

It leaves Mwanza on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Sundays at about 9 pm and arrives in Bukoba the next morning around 8 am, the boat stops first at Kemondo Bay, so make sure you don't get off too early. Book tickets in advance (at the Bukoba tourist centre, Kiroyera Tours or at the harbor) before first and second-class tickets are sold out.

Ferry between Bukoba and MwanzaBukoba - Mwanza
Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday
Departure time 21.30 hours
Boarding from 20.00 hours
Arrival time 6.30 hours
Harbor is 3km out of Bukoba town on custom road.
The ferry makes a stop in Kemondo Bay an hour after departure from Bukoba Port

Mwanza - Bukoba
Every Tuesday, Thursday and Sunday
Departure time 22.00 hours
Boarding from 20.00 hours
Arrival time 6.00 hours
Mwanza Harbor is in the north of Mwanza.
The ferry makes a stop in Kemondo before arrives in Bukoba Port.


Class Resident Non-resident
First class (sleepcabine with 2 persons) TSH 21.500 TSH 25.500
Second class (sleepcabine with 6 persons) TSH 19.500 TSH 21.500
Second classes sit TSH 13.000 TSH 18.300
Third class TSH 12.600 TSH 17.600

By Train

Trains do not come to Bukoba, but there are trains from Mwanza to Dar (which take two days) or Kigoma via Tabora. First or second class is recommended. Book trains well in advance at the tourist center Bukoba, Kiroyera Tours.


BusBy Bus

Book a bus at the tourist center Bukoba, Kiroyera Tours (+255 28-2220203) or at the bustand.

The bus stand is in the centre of Bukoba town. Jaguar/ Gateway / Dolphin Bus Services (+255 744786364) runs from Bukoba to Kampala everyday at 7.00 am (Tsh 10.000). A bus from Kampala to Bukoba runs everyday at 11.00 am.

Tawfiq Executive Falcon (+255 28-2221683) runs every Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday to Nairobi (Tsh 28.000) and Dar es Salaam (Tsh 45.000). There are Tawfiq offices in Muleba and Bukoba.

Tashrif (+255 282220427) have a bus that does the central line to Dar on Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday from Bukoba via Kahama , Nzega, Singida, Dodoma, Morogoro, to Dar es Salaam (Tsh 35.000).

Salatoga Line has a bus to Kigoma (Tsh 14.000) every Tuesday and Saturday.

Rajabar Visram and Sons has a bus to Biharamulo (Tsh 5.000) everyday except Sunday. A bus to Ngara (Tsh 8.500) every Friday and to Kigoma (Tsh 12.000) every Monday and Wednesday.

Scandinavia runs from Kampala to Arusha and Dar es Salaam, via Nairobi. You can board it from Kampala through Jaquar Bus Services. All the Scandinavia booking you can do trough Kiroyera Tours.