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Where to stay in Bukoba?

Top End
  • Balamaga Bed & Breakfast - On Balamaga hill, good view, beautiful garden. B&B has 4 spacious rooms (two self-contained suites and two twin-bed rooms sharing a bathroom) ideal for regular business travellers, consultants as well as families and small tourist groups, who want to enjoy a quiet place to stay, conducive to work or to explore Bukoba district. www.balamagabb.com
  • Kolping hotel is situated just 3 kms from the town center on the Balamaga hill near to Walkgard hotel overlooking Bukoba and Lake Victoria.
  • Lake hotel is the oldest hotel in Bukoba near the lake Victoria and Bukoba Club, has just reopened. There are nice garden and good restaurant.
  • Walkgard Annex Hotel - Near the Red Cross. Rooms with air conditioning. It is located along Uganda Road about 1.5 km to the airport, 1,5 km to the bus stand and 2 km to the ferry port. Walkgard Annex hotel, P.O. Box 457, Bukoba, tel: +255 28 2220935 / 2220946, walkgard@bukobaonline.com, www.walkgard.com
  • Walkgard Hotels & Tours - On Balamaga hill above the port, good view and swimming pool. It is located some 3km from the town centre. P.O. Box 457, Bukoba, tel: +255 28 2220935 / 2220946, walkgard@bukobaonline.com, www.walkgard.com
  • Yaasila Top Hotels - Next to spice beach. Yaasila Top Hotels has 15 rooms of which 10 rooms are self-contained and 5 budget rooms. The self-contained rooms are served with a balcony facing Lake Victoria together with a king size bed, a fridge, TV and telephone.

Yaasila Top hotels at Bukoba beachWest End Annex hotel in Kashai

Mid range

  • Coffee Tree Hotel - Between the Lake Hotel and town.
  • Evangelical Lutheran Church of Tanzania (ELCT) - This center is a modern conference and training center with nice rooms. It is located near the shores of Lake Victoria, close to the airport and close to the Lake hotel. It is a comfortable, clean and safe place, with TV sets, air-conditioners and hot water. No alcohol is served. Reasonably inexpensive rooms including breakfast. ELCT Church Center, P.O. Box 98, Bukoba, Tel: +255282220027, E-mail: elct-nwd@africaonline.com
  • Florida hotel - Just before you enter Bukoba town you can find Florida Hotel. Many rooms, clean, reasonalbe price.
  • Lake Hotel - Oldest hotel of Bukoba with great history. Near the Lake, basic rooms, reasonable prices, nice bar / restaurant.
  • New Banana Hotel - It is located at Zam-Zam Street going off Kashozi Road. It has comfortable rooms with reasonable prices. Some rooms have TV sets, air conditioners and hot water. One can enjoy traditional food and assorted drinks.
  • Spice Beach Hotel - Spice Hotel is close to the lakeshore. The building touches the lake water. All rooms have TV sets, hot water and air conditioners. It is a pleasant place to relax and even while waiting for the ferry to Mwanz, it is a true beach hotel Box 288, 2220142.
  • Upendo Lodge - This hotel is situated on Rwaijumba street, about 1 km from the Bukoba Airport, 2 km from Bukoba ferry port, 1.5 km from Bukoba main bus stand and about 0.5 km from the shore of Lake Victoria. It has 16 rooms, out of which 3 are Executive Suits (a self contained room with sitting room). The rest (13 rooms) are self-contained with hot water supply, cable TV and large beds. The facilities include a well-stocked bar, a modern kitchen which provides traditional/Tanzanian. Near the police station. Lounge, bar, TV. New Upendo Lodge P.O. Box 631, Bukoba, Tanzania, Tel: +255-28-2220620, Fax -22201285
  • West End - Near the roundabout
  • West End Annex - In Kashai


  • Ashidu Guest House - Arusha Road across the street from Kolping.
  • CPC - Catholic Diocese guesthouse, cheap and clean.
  • Kiroyera Campsite - The place to stay for backpackers. The campsite on the beach of Bukoba facing Lake Victoria not far from the town centre and the ferry. You can take your own tent, rent a tent or stay in one of the traditional banda's. Bookings can be made via info@kiroyeratours.com / www.kiroyeratours.com
  • Kolping Guest House - Arusha Road near the NBC club.
  • New Travelers Lodge and hotel
  • Traveler’s Inn – Near Zamzam Primary school