Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania
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Bukoba town is situated at the Western shore of Lake Victoria in the northwest of Tanzania. The regional capital and Kagera's biggest town is the gateway to the region. The climate is sunny and mild most of the year. It can sometimes get cool especially in the evenings during the two rainy seasons, but never as cold as the winter season in Europe.

Bukoba as seen from Kashai cliff The town is flat and compact, forming a bowl as it is surrounded by hills. The town has one small bus stand, a small airport and a port with a ferry that travels from Bukoba via Kemondo bay port to Mwanza. It boasts a white sandy beach, a large market, a port, tennis courts and a swimming pool. There are many small streets, along with 3 main streets: Jamhuri Road, which goes from Kashozi Road to the Lake Hotel, Government Road from the main bus stand to the port and Kashozi Road from the Church Bookshop (Ujirani Mwema) via Nshambya to Kashozi (Hekima Secondary School) and Kashozi parish, the first Catholic parish in the region.

Bukoba Town itself has the status of a Town Council. It has a Town Director and other local government officials like other district councils in the region. It is expected that it will gain the status of Municipal Town in the near future.

The town is situated between the shore of Lake Victoria and the steeply rising hills. Many buildings have black moldy walls and old windows made of woodwork, which attract tourists.