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Where to eat/drink outside Bukoba?

Kayanga in KaragweKaragwe
Local foods in Kayanga such as matoke, rice with meat or fish:
Mama D's: entrance around dala dala area
Roida's Annex: (max. Tsh 1,000/) near dala dala area
Tonya's Bar: (Tsh 3,000) on the right as you enter Kayanga from the Bukoba road

Diane Annex: opposite to Nyumba ya vijana
NBC: opposite the dala dala stand
Tonya's Bar: on the right as you enter Kayanga from the Bukoba road
Zebra Bar: on main road opposite CCM district office

If you want to take a break and have a cup of tea and some chapati or sambusa, Rosmin's hotelini close to the Big tree and Mama Moshi hotel in town are your best bets. They also serve nice traditional lunch for an average Tsh 600. Just new is the Royal Garden (Tel. 074481797) where you can sit in nice Banda’s and have a drink or some food.

Moving after sunset hours, you will find several establishments where you compare mishkaki or matoke. New Bingo has expanded with a few more chairs and tables and is a regular meeting place for Bomani personnel. The New generation has a smaller recreation area outside, but the food and scene are ok. Upendo bar is just next to the liquor store so surely the beer will never run out here. Mama Gamas is a bit out of town and you have to make reservations at least if you want to eat the same day. Their menu consists of chicken, matoke and mishkaki, and delicious kachumbari. The most recent attraction of Muleba town is a Pool bar, called Yahoo if you want to try your luck. There are also some local pombe bars selling the traditional banana beer and gin.

Kamachumu InnKamachumu and Ndolage
A modern hotel in Kamachumu centre known as Kamachumu inn provides accommodation and serves exotic and traditional food. Its main speciality is chicken. At Ndolage outside the hospital gates is the Sunlight Café, which serves standard Tanzanian food at a good price or one can also enjoy Pebin Picnic Center, which has a traditional African house and where you can experience an ambiance of tranquility.

Outside the hospital grounds there are a couple of local nameless bars, and Kamachumu has many more little bars and cafes where you can partake in some refreshments.

In Rubya the Hawaka Restaurant, opposite the Parish Church serves bananas or rice with meat. Wamata (Tanzanian HIV charity) has a restaurant but you need to book ahead.

Hawaka shop (opposite the parish), a bar with TV and friendly atmosphere.

In Nyakelembe, there are a variety of little bars. Two to recommend, one is collection of kibandas (near the market) the other is a blue building on the main road through Nyakalembe. The latter is called the Urafiki Bar and looks like a dark bar from the front but walk straight through and you will be rewarded by a nice beer garden. Others are nice and fine to visit during the day.