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The Mutukula road at the Uganda / Tanzania border up to Kagoma in Muleba District has been upgraded with tarmac and plans are underway to upgrade the Kagoma Rusahunga road in Biharamulo District with tarmac to Biharamulo District which will connect it with Mwanza and Shinyanga Roads.

Bus services are available between Bukoba and Dar Es Salaam through Nairobi in Kenya and Kahama in Tanzania.

Due to regular maintenance, district roads are passable even during the rainy season.

Boat between Bukoba and MwanzaMarine services
In Lake Victoria, Marine Services Company Ltd. Boats are available from Bukoba and Mwanza towns thrice a week.

Private owned speedboats will soon be introduced.

There are cargo boats, which ferry cargo between Bukoba and Mwanza towns according to demand.

Air services
All five Districts have functioning airstrips that can take small planes.

Commercial flights which link Bukoba to other destination are run by Percision Air.
Plans are underway to construct an International Airport at Kajunguti in Bukoba District.

International visitors can be flown to Mwanza (a port on the Southern shores of Lake Victoria) from most International Airports in the area including Dar Es Salaam, Jomo Kenyatta, Entebbe, Kigali, Bujumbura and Kilimanjaro. From Mwanza there are regular 40 minutes flights across the lake to Bukoba.

Bukoba, Karagwe and Muleba Districts are all served with a national connected power grid of 3 phases. Electricity is supplied by Tanesco (Tanzania Electric Supply Company) whose offices are near the Red Cross in Bukoba Town and near the NMB bank in Muleba. Electricity is generated in Uganda. Ndolage has its own hydroelectric plant powered by Bugonzi waterfall. Ngara and Biharamulo Districts are served by generators.

Internet services are available in KageraTelephone and internet services
All Districts are served by the STD (Subscriber Trunk Dialing) branches of TTCL. Also, postal services are available in every district. Mobile telephone services provided by VODACOM, MOBITEL and CELTEL are now available in every district of the Kagera region.

E-mail and Internet services are also available in Bukoba Town, Karagwe town and at the Rubya hospital.

Mobile Phone Celtel, Vodacom and Mobitel cover whole Kagera at this moment. Text messaging or SMS is the most common form of contact between the people. It is possible and inexpensive to SMS certain networks to Europe and America as well, about $0.20 to the UK. Mobile phones can be bought in many shops around Bukoba. If you've brought one in Europe or America check that it is not locked to the old network.

Land Line Phone -TTCL, Tanzania Telecommunications Company Ltd, operates the landline service. They have offices in Muleba and Bukoba. The area code for Kagera and Mwanza is 028, Dar is 022. The international code for Tanzania is 255, and the 0 of the area code is then omitted.