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Economical activities

The main industrial activity in Kagera is agriculture, while the main commercial product is coffee, and the main food crops and dietary staple are matoke (large green bananas that are roasted or steamed) ,maize and beans.

Gross Domestic Product (GDP)
The performance trend of the region over the last seven years from 1995 – 2001 reveals economic growth. Kagera region recorded a Gross Domestic Product (GDP) of Tsh. 288,445 million at current prices. Kagera contributes at around 3.80% to the nation’s economy.

The average individual annual income in Kagera region has improved greatly over the last years (Tsh. 149,828 in 2001).

Green banans are a main crop in KageraAgriculture
This is the mainstay of the Region, which accounts for 50% of the Region’s Gross Domestic Product (GDP). Main crops are green bananas, coffee, beans, cotton, cassava and tea. Other crops include sugar, sweet potatoes, vegetables, millet, sorghum and paddy. Vanilla is a recent cash crop, which is being grown in Bukoba and Muleba Districts.

Most inhabitants along the Lake Victoria undertake fishing activities as an economic activity.

Livestock keeping
Dairy farming which started in and around Bukoba Town has now spread throughout the Region with an estimated 6,000 heifers. Traditional livestock keeping is mostly practiced in Biharamulo and Karagwe Districts.

Industrial activities
  • TANICA Ltd., BUKOP Ltd. and other private plants e.g. – Amir Hamza (T), Legal and others at Kemondo Bay which are based in Bukoba also process coffee. Three private owned plants based in Karagwe process coffee.
  • Maruku Tea factory processing tea.
  • Kagera Fish industry
  • Kagera Sugar factory processing sugar canes.
  • Chato cotton ginnery for cotton. Cooking oil and cotton seed cake is processed by this factory.
  • Other relatively small industries are in soft drinks, grain mills, saw mills, carpentry and tailoring units.

Mining activities
Gold in Biharamulo District, nickel in Ngara District and tin in Karagwe District are the minerals which have been identified in the Region but have not been exploited fully.

Bukoba has a tour operator, Kiroyera Tours and many hotels.