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TCCIA Kagera
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Contact TCCIA Kagera

The Branch is situated in Bukoba Town, the Regional Administrative Headquarters of Kagera Region. The branch serves Bukoba Urban and Bukoba Rural, Karagwe, Biharamulo, Ngara and Muleba Districts. Members of Bukoba District are served by the Regional branch, which is in line with article 102 of TCCIA Constitution.

Offices of TCCIA Kagera are situated along Fupi Street opposite Rwabizi Hotel at the junction of Kashozi Road in Bukoba Town.

Postal address:
P. O. Box 1275
Telephone No. 255-028-2220673
E-mail: tcciakgr@yahoo.com

TCCIA Kagera Chamber Leaders:

Leadership of TCCIA Kagera consist of the following:
(i) Mr. A. R. M. Kaijage - Chairman
(ii) Mr. Seif Mkude - Vice Chairman Commerce
(iii) Mr. Mussa Mohammed - Vice Chairman Agriculture
(iv) Mr. Amir Hamza Umar - Vice Chairman Industry
(v) Ms. Mary Kalikawe - Treasurer
(vi) Mr. A. Kazimoto - Chairman Karagwe
(vii) Mr. Abdul Thabit - Chairman Biharamulo
(viii) Mr. A. R. Gashasha - Chairman Ngara
(ix) Mr. S. K. Galiatano - Member
(x) Mr. E. Karega - Member
(xi) Mrs. Madina Waziri - Member
(xii) Mr. B. B. Kajirita - Member
(xiii) Mr. F. Banyenza - Member
(xiv) Mrs. P. E. Nyanana - Member
(xv) Mr. K. B. R. Rwiza - Executive Officer