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Kagera Museum in Bukoba

Kagera Museum is a recently established museum, which has collections of Dick Persson’s professional photography of Kagera’s wildlife. The collection is fondly named (Wildlife the fold of Kagera). It also has a collection of traditional tools, which were used long ago. The Museum seeks to depict the history of Kagera Region. The Museum is operated by a board of trustees.

Our special attraction:
“Wildlife: The Gold of Kagera”

Enjoy the largest wildlife photographic exhibition in all of East Africa. Uniquely created by the highly skilled & acclaimed professional photographer: Mr. Dick Persson.

“This fantastic exhibition draws attention to the vast diversity of life within Kagera… Special praise must be given to this trust for establishing the first museum in Tanzania solely operated by local people without any governmental assistance...”

Mrs. Meghji, Minister of Natural Resources & Tourism, Tanzania. May 2004

Historical toolsOther attractions:

  • Tools and Mechanical Aids
  • Crop History and the Story of Coffee in Kagera
  • Local Peoples Legends and the Present
  • Artefacts from the Regal Kingdoms of Kagera
  • Traditional Crafts, Curios and Gift Items
  • Tourist Information Services

Why visit Kagera Museum?

  • It is a place of wonder & education
  • It represents some success in the fight to conserve heritage in such rapidly changing times
  • It is a place of recreation and peace
  • It provides an accessible link to the past, and history....for all!
  • A place that stimulates research and inspiration
  • It is operated for the benefit of the community and is a registered non-profit organisation
Kagera Museum Trust
The Kagera Museum Trust is a non-profit organisation working to preserve the heritage and culture of the region.

Stated aims and objectives are:

  • To display & preserve traditional items of cultural importance.
  • Display information & items of historical importance.
  • Display information on the varied Religious history of the region incorporating Islamic & Christian faith.
  • Provide a place for the display of fauna found in Kagera.
  • Identify & support local artists by providing a centre for shows and exhibitions of their work.
  • Provide & maintain a botanical garden featuring indigenous plants.
  • Support groups promoting local music.
  • Establish a library to preserve the local books written in and about the areas, and consequently retain the use of the local tongue: Kihaya.
  • Organise periodic cultural festivals, including traditional sports, dress and music.
  • Provide a centre for learning of the traditional arts, and as an educational centre across cultures.
Kagera museum

Entry fees
Tanzanian Citizens & Residents: Adults Tsh 500/=
Children & Students Tsh 300/=
Non-residents & Tourists: US $2

Optional: Museum Guided Tour Tsh 2500/=
(per group, maximum 10 persons)

Options of Access
If you feel like a stimulating walk then simply pass along the Lake shore towards Nyamkazi fishing village, past the Airstrip, turn left and look for the signs! Alternatively contact Kiroyera Tours in the Town Centre, either by visiting the office in town or Tel: 2220203. take a taxi from the town centre.

Open Daily
09:30hrs- 18:00hrs

Kagera Museum
P.O. Box 485

Phone: 255-28-2220203
Fax: 255-28-2220009
Email: info@kiroyeratours.com