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Malaria is the number one cause of death in Kagera. Malaria generally is prevalent throughout Tanzania so great care should be taken to try to avoid being bitten by mosquitoes. The use of repellent, bed nets and anti-malarials is strongly advised.

NursesIn 1983 the first reported cases of HIV /AIDS in Tanzania where from Kagera region. The fact that the disease was imported from the neighboring country is a result of the region having the largest common border with other countries.

All Districts have public and private owned hospitals. Also, there are dispensaries and health centers.

Health facilities in Bukoba town
Bukoba has a District hospital, which is fairly reliable for basic laboratory examinations (e.g. for malaria testing) and medical services, in cases of more serious medical problems you could also travel to one of the mission hospitals in the region (in Muleba at Rubya and Kamachumu; in Karagwe at Isingiro).

· Government Hospital - Near the Red Cross.
· Ndolage Town Clinic - Near the NBC Club.
· Bukoba Medical Centre Tel 2220510. Zam-zam Street off Kashozi Road.
· Net Pharmacy - Box 1662, Tel 2221400. Sokoine Street near Mosque Street.

Health facilities in Muleba
Hospital in KageraRubya Hospital has been recently renovated with an experienced Tanzanian medical staff, a lab for Malaria testing, pharmacy, 3X-ray facilities, physiotherapy, and an airstrip.

Muleba has a big dispensary at Kaigara, about 2 km out of town and several other small ones spread over the District. Cases that are too complicated for the dispensary are sent to Rubya District Hospital. Ndolage and Kagondo hospital are a bit out of the way, but offer good services including dental and optical treatment.

It is wise to use malaria prophylactic while staying in Muleba, since the mosquito population can be very active. Regular use of a stick/spray, a coil and your net should become habits. There is a high prevalence of HIV/Aids cases in the District and in Kagera in general: precautions are strongly advised.

Health facilities in Muleba Ndolage
Ndolage hospital can help with all basic medical needs, malaria testing etc. They also have a dentist and optician.

Health facilities in Kayanga
Nyakahanga Hospital: Near Omurushaka town, 8 km South of Kayanga;
Malaria testing place: In Kayanga, near where new petrol station. Dispensary: ACCORD offices.