Kagera - Bukoba - Tanzania
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The region experiences a pleasant climate, with an average temperature of 20°-30°C throughout the year, although it can drop as low as 10°C at night in the rainy season.
Kagera landscape
Bukoba Town experiences an average of 20oC temperature. Much of the region is hilly terrain with thick tropical vegetation including forests and wide-open grasslands.

The Region experiences two rain seasons. The heavy rains fall from March to May and short rains from October to December. Kagera receives an average rainfall of 800mm to 2,000mm per annum. During the rain seasons it usually rains only in the morning and it usually ends up being a very nice day afterwards.

Kagera Region is divided into three broad climatic zones namely:

Bukoba Rural and Muleba District Zone
Mild temperatures and adequate rainfall conducive for cultivation of permanent cash and food crops like coffee, bananas and tea and in the plains one finds the “Rweya” grasses suitable for animal food.

Karagwe District Zone
Ample rainfall and fertile soils, which allow for the cultivation of the largest volume of bananas cultivated in the region, coffee, beans and horticultural crops. Karagwe is a major breadbasket of the region. However, the Karagwe area has no rivers except on its borders.

Ngara and Biharamulo Zone
Receive comparatively less amounts of rainfall and crops like cotton, tobacco, maize, cassava and sorghum are cultivated.